Every Batman Needs a Robin

Are you a Sales Leader who needs to get better intel to help target new markets, find new channel partners somewhere else on the planet, or get the data to be able to forecast for operations and hold the sales team accountable? Then you're in the right place! We’re your wingman for any sales effort.

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Get the intel you need to close the business

So often in sales you get sucked into all the internal battles, having to become a project manager for orders going through the system, or having to triage the last customer who didn’t get what they needed, when they needed it.  On top of that, you get the request from leadership that some obscure data needs to be pulled together…this afternoon.  When you get to the end of the day you start wondering if you are really being paid to sell or ring lead a circus.  You just want to be able to focus on closing the next opportunity. It’s ok, we get it! Let us help you build the tool set so the answers are at your finger tips. Your air cover is included!

That’s why we believe sales leaders shouldn’t...
  • Have to become PhD researchers to get their sales data.
  • Have to become a digital marketing expert to drive leads.
  • Have to learn a foreign language to access new markets.
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Services Provided

What’s your forecast this quarter? How do you find new channel partners oversees? How can we increase qualified leads? How am I going to grow revenue this year? The questions don’t have to be so daunting. Often it is a simple as accessing the right data or networks.  It's time to hire your data guru!

  • Lead Generation
  • Pricing
  • Forecasting
  • Pipeline Development
  • Business Development
  • International Channel Development

Key Benefits

In the B2B space it is often less about rotodialing a list of potential clients and more about finding the specific clients that have the highest potential for your business. Our goal is to help drive the intel that will make the selection process easier and allow the sales team to focus on closing the highest probability accounts.

What Success Looks Like
  • More time for you
  • Better account targeting
  • Higher close rates
  • Less Stress
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The Process

Our goal is to keep it simple. We work together to ensure we understand the core value of the company and the offering to the customer. With that, we map the elements and metrics to define success. Then we execute!

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If our guarantee isn’t enough, see what others have to say.

Better yet, give us a call, we can provide you with their phone numbers and you can call them.
John Getter
John Getter, Owner, Can Cyclor

"I sat down with Jeff to talk about building a new website for my business. He quickly assessed that before we could build anything let's first go work on selling a system so that we could understand what was actually needed to market the product. His approach of finding the key elements to close business was impressive, and I enjoy working with someone who understands the technical nature of my product."

Rory Sowada
Rory Sowada, COO, Secondary Solutions Inc.

"I connected with Jeff through a family member he worked with.  He came in and walked through a number of questions that helped us determine the easiest way to impact our profitability.  Working together we built a tool to determine where to adjust pricing to align with the market, costs,and customers.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their profitability."

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