Let's Put a Stake Through That Moving Target

As a product development leader, are you looking for some help locking down sales and marketing on the specification, schedule, or cost of a product offering? Do you want better market intelligence or clearer direction? Simply need someone to manage the project? You’re in the right place!

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Ambiguity and Time Are Not an Engineer’s Friend

As an engineering or product development leader, you know the challenges of the shifting requirements coming from sales and marketing. Maintaining the three areas of Spec, Schedule, and Cost are always difficult. So often, you wish you had the intel to combat it instead of making another change based on what the last customer told sales. You may also be finding it difficult to move projects through the pipe as there are so many daily interruptions which make it hard to focus on anything new.
You are not alone!

That’s why we believe product development leaders shouldn’t...
  • Have to become a PhD researcher to solidify a spec.
  • Have to manage every project to hit schedules.
  • Have to become a procurement manager to hit costs.
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Services Provided

Given enough time, we know you would figure it out yourself. Yet the constraints don’t make it possible. Having lived in each seat of the new product development process, we have a unique understanding of how the elements work together to help drive a project. We will be your utility man to help keep things moving.

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Specification Development
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Sourcing & Costing
  • Roadmap Planning

Key Benefits

You’re technical and like to fix things, yet sometimes there just isn’t enough time to address all the items that need to be done. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting an outside perspective to help generate a new concept or process that will move things forward. Many hands make light work and we’re here to help.

What Success Looks Like
  • More time for you
  • Better market Intelligence
  • Additional Resources
  • Less Stress
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The Process

Our goal is to keep it simple. We work together to ensure we understand the core value of the company and the offering to the customer. With that, we map the elements and metrics to define success. Then we execute!

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If our guarantee isn’t enough, see what others have to say.

Better yet, give us a call, we can provide you with their phone numbers and you can call them.
James Werler
James Werler, President, Chemstar Products Company

"Jeff was hired on a consultant basis and got busy. 6 weeks down the path, we now own a clear vision and template for New Product Development predicated on market data. This guy is 110% devoted to the science of business and product development."

Tony Norris
Tony Norris, VP Sales and Marketing, Lion Precision

"I started working with The Next Step Inc. as I was entering a new company and new role.  Their understanding of the markets and ability to map out what buyers are thinking was critical for me to get up to speed quickly.  It's great to have a metric focused marketing firm that is always pushing to drive value and uses the data to bring clarity to where we need to put our resources.  I have really been impressed and enjoyed working with them."

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