Technical, Project Managing Marketeers ... Really!

As your company's marketing leader, are you looking for marketing direction or just need someone to knock out a project for you? You are in the right place.  As engineers who set out to evolve the marketing process, we understand the technical benefits of your products or services and will leverage the latest tools to reach your target audience.

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No Time... No Problem

You have been tasked with helping the sales growth by setting the marketing direction for the business. There are so many new tools and so many areas that need to be addressed and none of us can be an expert at all of them. So, you hire a summer intern to help get things started. You dig the intern, just not all the project management and content generation you still have to do. So you upgrade to a service agency. More professional and efficient, nice, but you still are writing content and project managing. This doesn't have to be ...seriously!

We believe you shouldn't have to...

  • Become a marketing expert
  • Become a project manager
  • Write all the technical content
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Services Provided

Did you know your hair grows at 4 nanometer per second? Or that an Angstrom is 0.1 nanometers? We did! With PhD level researchers to SEO guru’s to engineers writing content, we got you covered.

  • Market Research
  • Segmentation
  • International Localization
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Social, Website, etc.)
  • Advertising (Google Ads, etc.)
  • Technical Writing

Key Benefits

You have enough to do as it is. Our goal is to take the problem off your plate, to ensure you don’t get stuck with more homework. The result is more time to focus on the bigger targets for your team with the confidence that things are heading in the right direction.

What Success Looks Like
  • More time for you
  • Better brand awareness
  • More leads
  • Less Stress
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The Process

Our goal is to keep it simple. We work together to ensure we understand the core value of the company and the offering to the customer. With that, we map the elements and metrics to define success. Then we execute!

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If our guarantee isn’t enough, see what others have to say.

Better yet, give us a call, we can provide you with their phone numbers and you can call them.
David Kensinger
David Kensinger, President, Tower Solutions

"I was given Jeff’s name as a recommendation from a friend.  The front-end assessment of our business and market helped align our team quickly.  Within a matter of a weeks they built out the highly professional content with a clear value proposition message. They helped us focus on a few key materials that would drive value in the sales process. The Next Step team managed everything so I didn’t have to, and also were able to get grant money in the process to help pay for the efforts."

Steve Sowada
Steve Sowada, VP Sales & Marketing, Motion Tech Automation

"I worked with Jeff and his team to build out our first Google Ad campaign. We hadn’t done one before and their team was able to do the heavy lifting. They understood my market and products, mapped out the forms, built the content, and launched the campaign. Within a few weeks the new ad was driving 25% of our website traffic with one ad! I didn’t need to write content, project manage or really get involved. This is the way a marketing firm should work."

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