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As a finance manager at The Next Step Inc., you will be the liaison with the company’s attorney, accountant, bank contact, insurance agencies.

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If you are looking for a position that allows you to help lay the direction of a business and work with clients in the B2B and B2C manufacturing space, you’re in the right place.  The Next Step Inc. serves a host of manufacturers and their channel partners globally.  You would be a good fit for the role if you align with our core values, enjoy technical products, and like a wide variety of types of content creation.  

Who We Are

Quite simply, we are built to bring clarity and make the lives of our clients easier. Many of them are C-Suite executives who have enough problems on their plate. They just need us to remove as many of them as possible and get things done. We are very dedicated to this mission. If you are looking for a 9-5 job, this probably is not going to be a good fit for you. With that said, we are an international team with international clients. If you are looking to work across cultures, in international business, and gain organizational best practice knowledge very quickly, then I would strongly suggest applying.

Our intimate client approach is centered around our 4 core values.

Build Trust - We display character and competence, building long-term relationships through transparency, mutual respect, and our consistent ability to deliver results.

Be Selfless - We exhibit adaptability, flexibility, and a willingness to take on the challenges of others and guide them to positive outcomes. To always do the right thing even if we suffer in the process. To put others first.

Always Improve - We exude a bias for “Yes” with a desire to make things better. It is the courage and bravery to forge new paths and try new things, knowing failure is only a bump on the path to growth.

Fight for Others - We lead the charge and are dauntless in our approach to accomplishing our clients’ goals. Tirelessly elevating our own skills to support our team members and clients. Always prepared to answer the call.

Job Summary

As a finance manager at The Next Step Inc., you will be the liaison with the company’s attorney, accountant, bank contact, insurance agencies, and third-party administrators for payroll and benefits.  You will also oversee an accounting assistant’s work.  

Responsibilities include:


  • Oversee accounting assistant posting of transactions to the general ledger and budget variance analysis; analyze and resolve discrepancies
  • Generate financial reports, post to Onedrive and add to excel file for Leadership dashboard
  • Monitor past due invoices, monitor invoicing to clients
  • Prepare template for annual budget process and load budget into Quickbooks
  • Maintain Finance Best Practices documents
  • Maintain company’s general ledger; adds accounts as necessary to Quickbooks & structure within financial matrix
  • Provides other managers and departments with information required by them to carry out their assigned responsibilities.
  • Update Quickbooks templates and custom reports as requested; generate custom reports as requested
  • Coordinate with company income tax preparer and provide data for year-end tax filings.
  • Develops and implements accounting policies, coordination of systems and procedures, and the preparation of operating data and special reports as required, including monthly and year-end financial statements.  
  • Establishes, coordinate, and administers as an integral part of management, an adequate plan for the control of operations including, profit planning, programs for capital investing and financing, sales forecasts, expense budgets, and cost standards, together with necessary controls and procedures to effectuate the plan.
  • In conjunction with the President, coordinates, reviews, and endorses budget proposals and discusses proposed changes and significant changes.
  • Supervises or coordinates the preparation of reports to government agencies.
  • Assures protection for the assets of the business through internal control, internal auditing, and assuring proper insurance coverage.
  • Liaison between the company and legal counsel. Recommends appointment of independent auditors, overseeing their audit work.
  • Oversee accounting assistant’s daily work, including Quickbooks transaction posting, Wrike finance dashboard, and troubleshooting discrepancies and errors.

Human Resources

  • Conduct research as requested on benefits for like-sized companies and benchmark same; prepare cost analysis of benefits
  • Post open positions on social media platforms & screen applicants
  • Conduct compensation benchmarking
  • Liaison with third party payroll and third-party benefits administrators; coordinate or supervise systems set up and maintenance.
  • Create and maintain employee handbook.

Insurance and Risk Management

  • Source work comp, keyman, drone, and other business insurance as requested; review quotes and make recommendations.


  • Liaise with company attorney on trademark issues, client contracts, contractor contracts, NDA agreements, and other issues requiring a legal opinion.


  • Lastpass administration and maintenance
  • Assist with account manager/project management training as requested
  • Assist with client dashboard and leadership dashboard additions and maintenance as requested
  • Provides advice on all matters to the President
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements include:  

  • Bachelor's degree in accounting with a minimum of five year of experience in a privately held company
  • Excellent writing, editing, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to effectively present concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to maintain a professional demeanor
  • Strong verbal and visual communications skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with colleagues
  • Be comfortable learning new technology or platforms for content creation

Digital Tool Experience

  • Microsoft Office Suite (required)
  • Wrike (preferred)
  • Adobe Sign (preferred)


  • Remote  

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